About Us

Our Story:

Niora is a company born from care,  passion and commitment, as it was created by a man as a gift for a woman. In 1992, chemist George Tindall begn creating natural anti-aging skin care products. Two years later, George met Cindy, a beautiful woman who suffered from adult acne. She was often embarrassed to show her face in public. George saw Cindy’s frustration with the acne products she used. They were not that effective and were irritating and harsh. Typically they left her skin dry and did little to control oiliness. They certainly didn’t enhance the beauty of her skin. George wanted to create a new anti-acne product for her, one that would not only clear adult acne but also keep her skin moisturized, healthy and beautiful. After extensive research, he developed a product made of natural and organic ingredients. Instead of trying to sterilize the skin and strip it dry of oils, Tindall focused on exfoliating and cleansing pores while balancing oil and moisture levels. The approach worked, and the revolutionary Alpha Clear was born. The results were immediate. Cindy became more confident, happier and did not need to hide anymore. The best part was that she and George married. Cindy hasn’t had acne since, and even as she has gotten older, her skin has remained soft and glowing.

How We Make Our Skin Care:

We use a unique natural process that allows us to eliminate the emulsifying chemicals used in large scale manufacturing and also avoid the unnecessary and sticky emulsifying waxes typically used as alternatives to these chemical emulsifiers in more natural formulations. The result is exqusite, delicate, richly moisturizing skin care that is vegan, cruelty free, and uses natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.......read more

Our Mission

To help you feel good about your skin and the skin care you use

Our Goal:

Niora's goal is to provide effective, natural anti-aging skin care solutions for adults with acne-prone skin by using superior anti-aging ingredients to create skin-friendly treatments that clear acne. We are committed to formulating our skin care to the greatest extent possible with natural ingredients that are cruelty free, organic and earth friendly.

What We Believe:

We believe that the best way to clear acne is to improve the health, moisturization and texture of the skin, encouraging the skin's natural healing process. With Niora you can clear acne and have beautiful skin. Niora's solution to acne is to use specially formulated anti-aging ingredients to clear acne. Niora works precisely because it is anti-aging skin care.

Made in Portland:

All Niora skin care is crafted in Portland, OR. Small, innovative and independent, Niora makes exquisite, elegant cruelty-free formulations in small batches. We make every effort to use natural, organic, vegan ingredients that are third party certified. Many of our ingredients are also ECOCERT certified and we are registered cruelty-free vegan with PETA. 

PETA Certified Cruelty-Free:

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