Three Tips for Preventing Acne

Three  Tips for Preventing Acne

Dermatologists have not determined the exactly why so many adult women suffer with  of acne.  However, they do generally agree that the physical symptoms that lead to acne are excess oiliness and undetached tissue on the skin and within pores.  This can clog pores which in turn can result in pimples and cysts. 

You can minimize the effect of this excess oiliness and clogged pores with several simple techniques you can add to your normal acne care routine. First, avoid the tendency to touch your face. This includes resting or leaning the face on the hands or touching the forehead when stroking back the hair. 

Most of the time we touch skin we are not really aware of how often we do this. A conscious effort to reduce touching can have a visible effect on skin problems rather quickly.

Second, wear the hair back off face as much as possible. This has the same effect as reducing how much you touch the skin. Third, on occasion throughout the day moisten the skin with water and lightly wipe or pat dry with a clean tissue. This may be difficult to do if you wear makeup, but this simple technique will help a little to cut down on oily build up and add a little non-oily moisture to the skin. 

These simple tips will not replace acne treatment regimens but they can make a difference in how your normal acne care proceeds.

Posted by Niora Niora