Survey Confirms: Alpha Clear Works!

Survey Confirms: Alpha Clear Works!

Adult women with acne face a unique dilemma: Typically over-the-counter acne treatments dry out the skin increasing wrinkles -- but moisturizers that combat wrinkling only make acne worse. To address this problem, Niora developed Alpha Clear(R), a natural alpha hydroxy-based acne treatment that moisturizes the skin.

And for the second time a survey of Alpha Clear users has demonstrated it's phenomenal rate of success. In an independent survey conducted by the National Health and Wellness club, an independent consumer organization, 115 participants used Alpha Clear. A dramatic 88% rated it effective. Moreover, the overwhelming majority confirmed that Alpha Clear moisturized the skin. These results mirror the results of an earlier study conducted by Niora. In the Niora study 30 women used Alpha Clear for twelve weeks. Over 90% experienced improvement in their acne and reported an increase skin moisturization and improved skin texture.

This new study strengthens Niora's hypothesis, that improvements in skin texture and normalization of skin moisturization are in fact essential to success with acne. This is counter to conventional medical wisdom, because excess oils and other sebaceous material are what clog pores and lead to acne in the first place. It is clear from these results that moisturizing the skin is a major factor in the success of treating acne. Traditional over-the-counter acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (beta-hydroxy acid) attempt to sterilize the skin or strip it of protective oils and moisture. Stripping the skin of moisture damages the skin, accelerating the aging process, often creating counter-productive skin conditions. Alpha Clear, on the other hand, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Alpha Clear is grounded in 25 years of research with alpha hydroxy acids on acne and rosacea. Alpha Clear is the first product to use natural, fruit-derived alpha hydroxy acids to effectively treat acne and the only effective acne treatment that actually moisturizes the skin. Alpha Clear is a simple two-step process that cleans, tones and moisturizes, encouraging the skin's natural ability to heal acne while normalizing moisturization, while reducing wrinkles and age spots. Alpha Clear can be used safely with treatments prescribed by dermatologists.


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