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One Less Wrinkle in Acne Care

Acne. For many women beyond their teen years, it's a four-letter word. Combined with aging skin, chronic acne becomes a catch-22: over-the-counter acne treatments dry out the skin, increasing wrinkles -- but moisturizers that combat wrinkling only make acne worse.

Treating Adult Acne With Anti-Aging Moisturizers

The development of anti-aging alpha hydroxy acid moisturizers is promising a new approach for adult onset acne. To date thousands of women have successfully used the alpha hydroxy based anti-aging acne adult acne treatment, Alpha Clear.

Jojoba Oil: Why We Use It

Only organic golden jojoba oil is used in Niora Skin care. Jojoba's fine molecular structure means deep moisturization 

and quick absorption. Jojoba is the only oil used in skin care that has a molecular size finer than sebum, or natural skin oils. It's fine molecular size means it cuts through the dried oils  unclogging pores.

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