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One Less Wrinkle in Acne Care

Acne. For many women beyond their teen years, it's a four-letter word. Combined with aging skin, chronic acne becomes a catch-22: over-the-counter acne treatments dry out the skin, increasing wrinkles -- but moisturizers that combat wrinkling only make acne worse.

Treating Adult Acne With Anti-Aging Moisturizers

The development of anti-aging alpha hydroxy acid moisturizers is promising a new approach for adult onset acne. To date thousands of women have successfully used the alpha hydroxy based anti-aging acne adult acne treatment, Alpha Clear.

Anti-Aging AHA Skin Care With Vitamin C

Niora's Alpha C Serum pioneered the use of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) anti-aging skin care with Vitamin C Esters for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy fruit acids are the perfect match for skin firmness, and improved texture and moisturization.

Choosing Sunscreen Products

One of the most important ways to protect the skin from premature aging is to use sunscreens. When it comes to choosing a sunscreen product we suggest using the following guidelines: Select the sunscreen product type you need (sensitive skin, sport block, oil-free, lotion, aerosol spray, etc.).

Anti-Aging Skin Care and Sunscreens

Good sun protection is one of the most significant ways you can inhibit premature aging and preserve the skin's health. The problem is that there are significant trade-off's in formulating sunscreens into anti-aging skin care, especially anti-aging skin care as effective and as good as Niora. 

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