Frequently Asked Questions


Do any of your facial treatments (toner, moisturizer, etc.) offer sun protection?

No, Niora skin care is not formulated with sunscreens.

Our focus is to produce anti-aging, moisturizing skin care for acne prone and for sensitive skin. Sunscreens with enough sunscreen in them to have respectably high SPF numbers, at least 15, can interfere with Niora effectiveness.

We strongly feel that sunscreens are necessary, and we recommend that a separate liquid, or liquid spray sunscreens be used on top of Niora skin. We prefer the liquid sunscreens as they tend to be simpler formulas with a minimum of unnecessary moisturizers and other ingredients.

Do I apply Anti-Aging Intensive Firming Toner with a cotton ball?

No, Anti-Aging Intensive Firming Toner works on the skin for 4 to 8 hours after it dries. Simply moisten the skin with a small amount of Anti-Aging Intensive Firming Toner and let it dry in place.

Do I use Alpha C Serum before or after I use a moisturizer?

We recommend you use the Alpha C Serum after you use one of the moisturizers. All our Niora moisturizers are very compatible with Alpha C Serum. Please note that we, and many of our customers, have tried using the Alpha C Serum first and we cannot see a difference. It probably does not matter which is used first.

Do you know if your acne treatment (or anything else you have) is helpful for rosacea?

We have spoken to a number of our customers who have had great success using Alpha Clear and Alpha C Serum with rosacea.

How often do I use Alpha Cleanser?

Use Alpha Cleanser twice daily. Alpha Cleanser contains natural fruit acids that exfoliate a very thin layer of dead tissue from the outer surface of the skin. This dead tissue is constantly being shed by the underlying growing skin beneath. If it gets too thick, the dead stiff tissue distorts the tender growing skin into microscopic fissures which as we age become wrinkles. The natural fruit acids only loosen the amount of dead tissue that one expects to be produced in a day or less. In other words to work over the long term you need to use Alpha Cleanser at least daily, twice daily is better.

You can also use Alpha Cleanser as often as needed to control oiliness.

I have just started to use Alpha Clear and seems I'm breaking out more than before. What is wrong?

We have seen this on occasion over the years. It could be a reaction to the skin, especially if the breakouts are small pimples. However, it could also simply be coincidence - ie the breakout has nothing to do with Niora.

We recommend that if you do have a breakouts when you begin using Alpha Clear, to stop using it for a few weeks until the skin returns to 'normal' and then try again. We have discovered this often works.

Please let us know if you do have this issue, we are very interested in seeing what your experience is. Also, note that in this case we will be happy to make a refund, but will encourage you to keep the product so you will be able to try it later on.

Is Alpha Clear Cleanser good for removing makeup?

Yes, however, you will get more benefit from Alpha Clear Cleanser if you wash off makeup first.

We recommend using Niora's SILK Emollient Makeup Remover. If you have acne prone skin use SILK Basic. All others should use SILK Advanced.

You can also use Jojoba oil, which can be purchased at a Health Food Store to remove makeup prior to using Alpha Clear Cleanser. Jojoba oil is the primary moisturizing ingredient in Alpha Clear Cleanser, and this method will enhance the moisturizing effects of Alpha Clear Cleanser.

Is Niora safe to use while pregnant?

Yes, Niora acts on a physical level on the surface of the skin, and does not affect metabolism. Fruit acids act like microscopic exfoliators, physically removing about '12 hours' worth of the outermost layer of dead surface skin before it has a chance to distort the underlying growing skin.

What is best to use for 'crowsfeet', those fine wrinkles around the eyes?

The best is to use either the Alpha Herbal Eye Therapy or Alpha C Serum. Both are formulated to for the delicate dry skin around the eyes. They are both deeply moisturizing and quick absorbing, and contain protein encapsulated vitamin C. This adds a skin firming component to the effect. The Eye Therapy does however contain hyuaronic acid, which will help with the discoloration beneath the eyes.

What is the difference between Alpha Clear Cleanser and Niora's Replenishing Cleanser?

Alpha Clear Cleanser is our original formula Alpha Cleanser, except that we no longer use paraben preservatives. We have also added vitamin C. Niora Replenishing Cleanser is very similar except that it contains higher concentrations of jojoba moisturizers and vitamin C skin firming agents.

What is the ph balance of the Alpha C Serum?

The pH of all our skin care is formulated to be compatible with the skin, approximately 5.5.

Will Alpha Clear Adult Acne Skin Care work on my Teenagers' acne?

Yes, Alpha Clear will work just as well on younger skin as on adult skin. In addition since Alpha Clear is gentle and refreshing to the skin, not harsh and unpleasant to use like many of the acne products available.

Will Alpha Clear Adult acne treatment line also work on chest and back acne?

Yes, it will very much like it does on the face.

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